tuesday, MAY 1ST

1-2PM:   Registration at IMB
2:00PM: Welcome (Card Question Game)
2:30PM: Main Session 1
3:15PM: Break
3:30PM: Affinity Group by Campus Type (Wives Session)
4:45PM: Break
6:30PM: Dinner
7:30PM: Main Session 2
8:30PM: Dessert
9:00PM: Isaac Improv Show

Wednesday, May 2Nd

Breakfast at Hotel
9:00AM: Peaks & Valleys
10:00AM: Break
10:15AM: Hall of Fame Panel Q&A (Wives Session)
11:00AM: Chapel with IMB
12:15PM: Lunch
1:15PM: White Board Discussion (Wives Session)
2:15PM: Afternoon Break
6:00PM: Dinner in Downtown Richmond (Business Meeting)
7:30PM: Main Session 3
9:30PM: Dessert/Coffee

thursday, MAY 3rd

Breakfast at Hotel
9:00AM: Devotion
9:15AM: White Board Discussion (Wives Session)
10:30AM: Break
10:45AM: Networking Time
11:45AM Lunch